Character: Hannah

  Female, 10 - 14 yrs, white, average build/height

Character: Isaac
  Male, 16 - 22 yrs, white, average build/height


Character: Joe

  Male, 35 - 55, any race, build, height

Character: Samuel
  Male, 40 - 55 yrs, white, average build/height


Character: Abram

  Male, 50 yrs min, white, any build/height


A young Amish girl named Hannah finds herself with a large sum of stolen drug money from her shunned out-casted brother to be used for her gravely ill mother’s medical expenses. After the Amish community declines the money, Hannah starts to doubt the counsel of her elders. While she is emotionally torn, a drug dealer shows up at her farm asking for her brother. With no time to spare, Hannah must decide to stay at her Amish farm or somehow escape with the cash to join up with her brother in the outside world to keep her mother's hope alive.



Echo Pictures is casting for the 5 roles above in the short film 'Rumspringa Prelude'. Production is to take place in Jan/Feb 2018 over 2 weekends. It will be shot all at one location - an 1890s farm house in LaGrange, TX. Picture above. After production, the film will be entered into the festival circuit. Non-Paid, but we will try to cater to your needs/schedules. IMDb credit. Copy of film for demo reel. All food/drink provided. Lodging is provided, but limited to the farm house. Need transportation.


Auditions will be submitted online. For submission, please use the PDF links below to download script, character sides, and character traits. The quality of the video submitted will not be a factor. Please shoot your video on a plain background. Have another person off screen feed the person auditioning the other character's lines.


Send video audition link(You Tube, etc) to the email address below. Please include your full name in the subject heading. Headshots or demo reel link welcome, but not required. Extended deadline Dec 24th 2017. Please email me with any questions.



Thank you!


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